balloon frequently asked questions


What size is the balloon?

2ft or 24 inches

Do you offer delivery?

We are currently sourcing out a courier but only offer in store pickup at our shop in Langley at the current time

How long will the balloon last?

We suggest not picking up your balloon more than 2 days prior to your party.

Can I order the customized balloons and inflate them myself?

No, our customization process is done after inflation. Un-customized balloons can be ordered un-inflated.

Will the balloon fit in my car?

Our giant balloons will fit in most rear passenger side seats or hatchbacks that are clear of other objects. We do not suggest driving with a balloon in your passenger seat.

Are the balloons more resistant that normal latex balloons?

No, they pop as well when nicked or squished

Can I order any design?

Most designs, some designs do not agree with round surfaces

Can I get another design on the back?

We do offer this at an extra charge

How long in advance should I order?

We ask that you order by the Monday prior to your event but the more notice, the better

Can I leave my balloon in the car to run other errands?

We know party prep can mean multiple stops but do not suggest you leave your balloon in the car in hot or cold conditions